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☆ RaidZone 'Reincarnation of Classic' ☆
Status: Closed beta test

RaidZone Specifications


☆ Alternative evolution of Classic chronicles
☆ Low rate server with Power leveling on Solo RB
☆ No rules
1. We do not support botting in any form, however we'll not forbid the use of 3rd party software, there is no ban/jail for using bots but you should remember that we will not make the game easier for botters by creating autoplay bot tool ingame
2. Multiboxing is allowed without limits, however we support playing without dualboxes by providing buff scrolls
☆ Medals collection
☆ B-grade equipment to purchase at NPC
☆ Isekai Monsters (solo RB)
☆ Own events
☆ PvP Color Nickname
☆ Armor glow effect
☆ Auto-Potion system
☆ Bound Pendants system with visual effect
☆ Top A-grade weapon upgrading: Rare / Unique / Epic / Legendary / Mythical with new passive and active skills inside
☆ Additional new passive skill for +6 armor set enhancement
☆ Hidden Legendary Classes (5 available) can be acquired from super rare Transcendence stones
☆ Skill 'Change weapon' (available only for Legendary class) turn your A-grade weapon into class-based special weapon
☆ Brand new skills
☆ Modern Community Board
☆ Olympiad everyday 12h
☆ Show-Off Event with rare prizes
☆ New Open World Dungeons with powerful and difficult Raid Bosses
☆ Additional skills for each class

RaidZone Specifications


☆ EXP/SP: x1
☆ DROP: x3
☆ SPOIL: x3
☆ ADENA: x3
☆ QUESTS: x1 with increased EXP/SP/Adena rate
☆ Safe enchant: 3
☆ Max enchant: 16
☆ Olympiad in all items
☆ Level gap to gain EXP/SP: 40
☆ 1 class only (no stacksub)

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