Server NoAdvantage launched: 02.01.2021


Improved Classic Substack






The prizes:
• Clan Reputation Points (150 crp) for 1 vote coin
• Talisman Crystal in amount of 2 for 1 vote coin
• Proof of blood in amount of 5 for 1 vote coin
• Major Warrior Healing Potion in amount of 10 for 2 vote coins
• Portal stone for 3 vote coins
• Angel Cat's Blessing for 10 vote coins
• Gemstone (A-grade) for 10 vote coins
• Grimoire: Art of Escape for 15 vote coins
• Rune of Prosperity for 50 vote coins
• Talisman of Antharas Noblesse for 200 vote coins
• Talisman of Insolence VI for 1000 vote coins
• Talisman of Baium for 1250 vote coins

• Activated ranking-website: L2Top, L2jBrasil
• 7 votes are required globally to obtain 1 vote coin within 1 hour (per ranking-website, total: 2 vote coins for all 2 websites)
• Every logged player gets 1 vote coin for each ranking website/1h
• Vote coin is tradeable item, exchanged for prizes at Dimensional Merchant

Our server


Improved Classic Substack


Rates: Exp/Sp 3x, adena 6x, drop chance 6x (rb 2x), spoil chance 9x
The game based on the oldest chronicles
Server dedicated for substack fans, tactical players, casuals, hardcore gamers and old classic enthusiasts

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NoAdvantage server

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NoAdvantage Server
Dedicated to people who never played in classic before, gamers who never played in this game before and finally enthusiasts of mmorpg who are interested in playing on our server


4 April 2021

Easter wishes / NoAdvantage Event Time

On the occasion of Easter, we wish you all the best, health above all, happiness, prosperity.

May your every day be full of joy and may your dreams fulfill their goal

With best wishes
Isekai Team
Sunday Event
Quiz Discord Fun & Play at 19:00 GMT+1
Baurin lv.32 at 21:00 GMT+1
Baurin lv.49 at 22:00 GMT+1
Baurin lv.65 at 23:00 GMT+1

24-5 March-April 2021

NoAdvantage Update 2nd stage

▪︎ Core height position has been fixed.
▪︎ Proof of blood cost for clan lv.4 (500 PoB) and clan lv5 (1k PoB) has been decreased.
▪︎ Aggression range of protectors in Giant Cave, Altar of Shilen, Prison of Darkness has been decreased.
▪︎ Reuse counter for Scroll of Mana has been added.
▪︎ Aggression skills power has been increased. Reuse time for those skills has been decreased.
• Talakin Raider, Gigantipos, Lord of the Plains have been fixed.
• A pictorial preview of the skills has been added to the revamped skills page.
▪︎ 1st and 2nd class skills have been changed to auto-learning (includes skills from 1 to 74). Spellbooks, Amulets and SP are not required anymore.
▪︎ 3rd class skills require Spellbooks and Double amount of SP.
▪︎ Spellbooks and amulets required to learn 1st and 2nd class skills have been removed from grocery at Harmony and Lorenzo.
▪︎ Rune Scribe and Dice game skills have been completely removed. Iron coin is required to obtain mysterious coins for Argonauts.
▪︎ Runes values have been changed/improved.
▪︎ Attendance check reward has been changed/improved.
▪︎ Siege skills added manually at 1st clan level have been removed. They won't effect bug anymore. They are available at 5th clan level. Siege registration start from 3 clan level. Siege Castle lasts 2 hours now.
▪︎ Silence duration skill from mobs has been changed from 1 min to 7 sec.
▪︎ Root duration skill from mobs has been changed from 30 sec to 10 sec.
▪︎ Sleep duration skill from mobs has been changed from 30 sec to 10 sec.
▪︎ Beastsoulshots and Spiritshots for Servitors are tradeable now.
▪︎ Beastsoulshots and Spiritshots for Servitors can't be useable in Olympiad.
▪︎ Magnus, Spectral Lord, Feline King have been allowed in Olympiad.
▪︎ Drop rate has been increased for Rbs in Giant Cave and for Goddess.
▪︎ Ruby, Sapphire and Pearl Jewels are tradeable now.
▪︎ Dungeon of Abyss has been changed from Peace Zone to PvP Zone.
▪︎ Guardian pendant has been fixed.
▪︎ Rules for Quiz Event has been changed.
▪︎ Pictures with Goddess / Protectors drop, spoil, stats have been added to the website.
▪︎ Adena drop has been improved to value of 6x.
▪︎ Baurin adena drop has been changed from 30kk to 60kk.
▪︎ Spirit ore cost for COV, POW, POF, VOP has been changed to 10/20.

▪︎ Description of duration songs and dances will be changed from 2 to 5 min.
▪︎ Show-Off Event reward will be improved.
▪︎ Argonauts will be transferred from skills to items, exactly the same formula like pendants. There will be possibility to exchange them for adena.
▪︎ Ceremony of Chaos PvP Zone with treasure chest automatic Event will be added.
▪︎ Ultimate skills will be added.
▪︎ 3rd class transfer Quests will be disabled.
▪︎ Premium account panel in alt+b will be added again (1 day of PA, requires 1 Premium coin available from treasure chests and Show-Off Event reward box).
▪︎ All bound pendants will be corrected.
▪︎ Aore rune extraction will be changed in new patch.
▪︎ Souvenir box description will be changed in new patch.
▪︎ 1st class buff scrolls will be dropped out from mobs soon. You can exchange them at Alexandria (luxury shop) in following way:
3x 1st class buff scrolls for 1x 2nd class buff scroll.
▪︎ Argonauts will be exchangeable for adena at Pona. You will be able to change them many times you want.
▪︎ Angel's grace will be droppable from Epic Raid Bosses (Queen Ant, Core, Orfen, Baium, Antharas) with a small chance.

17 March 2021

NoAdvantage Update 1st stage

The long awaited update stage 1 is now over. We sent a new patch to download.

We wish you a lot of fun in a world full of secrets
Isekai Team

25-17 February-March 2021

NoAdvantage the Map of updates

Updates will be implemented step by step in accordance with the points below.

1. Corrections and changes:
▪︎ New Geodata has been installed.
▪︎ Raid boss EXP has been successfully corrected.
▪︎ Premium account panel in community board has been disabled.
▪︎ Sand bomb, Advanced block, Break duress, Bless the Body, Bless the Soul, Magic barrier spellbooks have been added to Book traders.
▪︎ Speed value has been added to Prophecy of fire.
▪︎ Feoh rune has been added to Blacksmith.
▪︎ Shadow fairy dust and vote coin are tradeable.
▪︎ Inactivity in the Show-Off Event has been corrected.
▪︎ Party Matching has been fixed.
▪︎ Auto-general attack with bow has been fixed.
▪︎ Description of duration in Dance of Berserker has been changed.
▪︎ Guards, Captains, Dukes and Barons appearing in the Castle Siege have been weakened.
▪︎ Dragon Bearer Captain has been fixed.
▪︎ World Chat message has been increased from 6 to 50.
▪︎ Mana regeneration buff has been added to Olympiad Manager.
▪︎ Iron coin has been implemented (must be worn to activate the following item skills):
- Rune Scribe gives High grade SP scroll (1x scroll on your main class and 1x scroll on your subclass, reuse time 24h).
- Dice game gives Talisman crystal or daily coin, reuse time 24h).
▪︎ Lady of Elmoreden has been fixed.
▪︎ Tablet of Visions, Broome, Pilgrim of Darkness have been added.
▪︎ Holy Artefact in Aden Castle has been fixed.
▪︎ Botting will be punished (allowed HWID 3, IP 1).
▪︎ Olympiad Bookmakers has been temporary disabled.
▪︎ Dyes +4/-4 from monsters in Lair of Antharas has been removed.
▪︎ New prices for donations at Pona have been implemented.
▪︎ Duration of Songs, Dances, Gift of Seraphim, Gift of Queen, Blessing of Seraphim, Blessing of Queen have beeen changed from 2 min to 5 min.
▪︎ Grimoire art 6-slots brooch has been additionally added to Dimensional Merchant for attendance coins, vote coins and to starter pack. It will disappear after 7 days. You can also purchase them in the Castle, Clan Hall and Olympiad Manager.
▪︎ No-grade weapon, armor and shield (7-days) have been added to Starter Pack.
▪︎ Portal stone have been added to Dimensional Merchant for 3 attendance coin, 30 daily coins, 3 vote coins.
▪︎ 1st class buff scroll have got additionally Vampiric Rage lv.1, Haste lv.1, Berserker Spirit lv.1.
▪︎ 2nd class buff scroll will obtain additionally vampiric rage, berserker spirit, concentration, wild magic, mental shield (all buffs have max level).
▪︎ Armor Crush skill has been a little corrected in reuse time.
▪︎ Epic Raid Boss EXP and DROP have been corrected.
▪︎ New Misc's have been added to Pona:
- 1000 Crystal D for 1 sfd
- 500 Crystal C for 1 sfd
- 250 Crystal B for 1 sfd
- 50 Talisman Crystal for 5 sfd
- 20 Major warrior healing potion for 1 sfd
- 4 Gemstone (A-grade) for 3 sfd
- 1 Cloth Piece for 5 sfd
- 1 RB coin for 10 sfd
- 1 Blood-stained Cloth for 2 sfd
- 1 Talisman of Antharas (Noblesse) for 4 sfd
▪︎ Talisman Crystal, Gemstone (A-grade), Major Warrior Healing potion, Blood-stained Cloth have been added to Dimensional Merchant for attendance coin, vote coin.
▪︎ 2 Cloth Piece has been added to Dimensional Merchant for 1 RB coin.
▪︎ Prices have been reduced at Dimensional Merchant.
▪︎ Prices for Beast soulshots and spiritshots have been reduced.
▪︎ Attendance Coin has been changed for Daily Coin as paymethod for 3rd class transfer.
▪︎ Servitors HP has been halved.
▪︎ Servitors Power attack has been increased.
▪︎ Cruma Tower mobs have been fixed.
▪︎ Ant Nest mobs have been fixed.
▪︎ The road to Orc Barracks has been cleared from the agressive mobs.
▪︎ Mobs which were in the river of Forest of Mirror have been moved ashore.
▪︎ Iron coin has became a Jewel.
▪︎ Grimoire art disappears after 7 days.
▪︎ Epic Jewelry drop chance has been increased.
▪︎ Dyes +3/-3 from monsters has been removed.
▪︎ New Raid Bosses have been already prepared to the battle.
▪︎ Giant Cave Protectors and Altar of Shilen Protectors have been spawned.
▪︎ Mardil RB lv80 has been transferred to Giant Cave.
▪︎ Raid Bosses attack, p./m. def have been corrected.
▪︎ Epic Raid Bosses attack, p./m. def, HP and MP have been corrected.
▪︎ Raid Bosses' minions attack, p./m. def have been corrected.
▪︎ Epic Raid Bosses' minions attack, p./m. def have been corrected.
▪︎ Blazing Swamp mobs have been fixed.
▪︎ Dragon Valley mobs have been fixed.
▪︎ Field of Massacre mobs have been fixed.
▪︎ Cemetery, Seal of Shilen mobs have been fixed.
▪︎ Heart of Warding has been spawned in Lair of Antharas.
▪︎ Rahha RB has been boosted and changed from level 65 to 75 (top B grade weapon drop has been added).
▪︎ Epic Antharas has been prepared to the battle.
▪︎ Tower of Insolence 3rd floor mobs have been fixed.
▪︎ Events with Epic Raid Bosses have been removed from our website. It will not be organized anymore.
▪︎ Giant Cave and Altar of Shilen ZONES have been prepared to the battle.
▪︎ Legendary RBs lv.82 have been spawned.
▪︎ Anor, Cabrio, Skylancer and Themis have been boosted.
▪︎ Unidentified stones have been removed from monsters in Tower of Insolence.
▪︎ Dimensional Vortex (Tower of Insolence 1st floor) has been added with Teleports to another floors.
▪︎ 7 votes are required globally to obtain 1 vote coin within 4 hours per ranking-website now.
▪︎ Skill "Sleep" from Excuro in Cruma Tower has been fixed.
▪︎ Banshee has got recipes + parts for Doom light set in spoil/droplist.
▪︎ Skill "Clarity" has been fixed.
▪︎ New Raid Bosses and Protectors have been spawned.
▪︎ The prices for Spirit Ore, Cursed Bone, Soulstone, Thief Key have been decreased.
▪︎ Cursed Bone has been added to Grocery Store.
▪︎ Bow interruption has beed fixed.
▪︎ Falling damage has been fixed.
▪︎ Minions will not disappear after leader's death.
▪︎ Missing "Item Creation" in Clan Halls have been added.
▪︎ Karik, Bloody Sniper, Limal Karinness, Maluk Lord, Pytan, Cave Howler have became aggressive mobs.
▪︎ Skill "Paralysis" and "Stun" given by mobs/raid bosses/epics have been decreased from 30 sec to 5 sec.
▪︎ Casting Speed from Raid Bosses has been decreased.
▪︎ Ancient Battleground mobs lv60+ have been replaced for mobs lv.80.
▪︎ Grimoire art 6-slots brooch has been additionally added to Pona.
▪︎ Holy Artefact in Dion Castle has been fixed.
▪︎ Gemstone A-grade has been replaced with Gemstone B-grade at Banshee.
▪︎ Siege Golem has been fixed.
▪︎ Ancient Battleground mobs have been added with drop of A grade recipes and parts.
▪︎ Unlock skill will be required to open the doors to Altar of Shilen and other places.
▪︎ Olympiad Bookmaker Event has been completely stopped because of little interest.
▪︎ The quiz will be organized on the day when the online is the highest (mainly at weekend). The notification will appear on the same day, 30 minutes before the start (discord, ingame).
▪︎ Jewels (Ruby, Sapphire, Pearl, Smokescreen, Divine gift) have been created, tradeable item obtained from Anakim/Lilith and Raid Bosses at level 82.
▪︎ RB coin has been created (tradeable item).
▪︎ Tempest and Frost wall skills have been fixed.
▪︎ Heavenly rift has been completely removed.
▪︎ Scroll of protection has been removed from Dimensional vortex.
▪︎ Description has been added to Argonaut skills "Should be learned only on main class".
▪︎ Description has been added to Grand masters "The same specific skill should be learned only by one class. Do not mix learning same skill between main class and subclass".
▪︎ Attendance check is available now to review in General Menu.
▪︎ Dyes +4/-4 saved earlier on each character have been removed.
▪︎ Arrow cannot hit you if you hide behind object like rock, tree, pillar etc.
▪︎ Many mobs' spawns have been fixed.
▪︎ Animation to dances while having no dualsword equiped has been added.
▪︎ Fell Swoop skill has been fixed.

2. New ZONES:
▪︎ Giant Cave with aggressive Kamaels Protectors inside lv.78 (teleport from GK in Aden).
▪︎ Ancient Battleground with NEW mobs lv.80 (teleport from GK in Aden).
▪︎ Altar of Shilen with agressive Dark Elf Protectors inside lv.75 (teleport from GK in Aden).
▪︎ Prison of Darkness with agressive Ertheia Protectors inside lv.78 (teleport from GK in Elven Village).

3. NEW Raid Bosses lv.72-75 (with EXP and some SP):
▪︎ Spirit of Andras, the Betrayer lv.75 (Altar of Shilen)
▪︎ Demon's Agent Falston lv.75 (Altar of Shilen)
▪︎ Icicle Emperor Bumbalump lv.75 (Altar of Shilen)
▪︎ Fafurion's Herald Lokness lv.75 (Altar of Shilen)
▪︎ Enmity Ghost Ramdal lv.75 (Altar of Shilen)
▪︎ Water Spirit Lian lv.75 (Altar of Shilen)
▪︎ Rahha lv.75 (Ancient Battleground)
▪︎ Bloody Priest Rudelto lv.75 (Lair of Antharas)
▪︎ Anakim's Nemesis Zakaron lv.75 (Lair of Antharas)
▪︎ Fire Spirit Nastron lv.75 (Lair of Antharas)
▪︎ Lilith' Witch Marilion lv. 72 (Lair of Antharas)
▪︎ Gwindorr lv.72 (Lair of Antharas)
▪︎ Zaken's Butcher Krantz lv.72 (Lair of Antharas)
▪︎ Respawn time: 36+4
▪︎ Droplist:
▪︎ TOP B-grade weapons or armors
▪︎ Runes lv.1
▪︎ Scroll: Enchant Armor (B-grade)
▪︎ Scroll: Enchant Weapon (B-grade)

4. New Raid Bosses lv.80 (with no EXP and some SP):
▪︎ Droplist: recipes + parts of A-grade items + RB coin to learn new ultimate skills + Blessed enchant scrolls armor and weapon A-grade + Enchant scrolls armor and weapon A-grade + Runes lv.1
▪︎ Respawn time: 36+4
▪︎ Beast Lord Behemot lv.80 - Phoenix jewelry set
▪︎ Flame of Splendor Barakiel lv.80 - Majestic jewelry set
▪︎ Menacing Palatanos lv.80 - Dark Crystal Shield & Shield of Nightmare
▪︎ Doom Blade Thanatos lv.80 - Nightmare robe set
▪︎ Water Dragon Priest Sheshark lv.80 - Nightmare leather set
▪︎ Death Lord Shax lv.80 - Nightmare heavy set
▪︎ Kernon lv.80 - Tallum heavy set
▪︎ Vanor Chief Kandra lv.80 - Tallum leather set
▪︎ Last Titan Utenus - Tallum robe set
▪︎ Cherub Galaxia lv.80 - Majestic robe set
▪︎ Fire of Wrath Shuriel lv.80 - Majestic leather set
▪︎ Ocean Flame Ashakiel lv.80 - Majestic heavy set
▪︎ Antharas Priest Cloe lv.80 - Dark Crystal robe set
▪︎ Death Lord Ipos lv.80 - Dark Crystal leather set
▪︎ Bloody Empress Decarbia lv.80 - Dark Crystal heavy set
▪︎ Ember lv.80 - Carnage Bow & Soul Bow
▪︎ Death Lord Hallate lv.80 - Infernal Master & Dragon Slayer
▪︎ Korim lv.80 - Spirtual Eye & Flaming Dragon Skull
▪︎ Longhorn Golkonda lv.80 - Meteor Shower & Elysian
▪︎ Mardil lv.80 - Elemental Sword & Sword of Miracles
▪︎ Storm Winged Naga lv.80 - Halberd & Tallum Glaive
▪︎ Krokian Padisha Sobekk lv.80 - Destroyer Hammer & Doom Crusher
▪︎ Hestia lv.80 - Bloody Orchid & Soul Separator
▪︎ Last Lesser Giant Glaki lv.80 - Dasparion's Staff & Branch of the Mother Tree
▪︎ Last Lesser Giant Olkuth lv.80 - Dark legion's Edge & Tallum Blade
▪︎ Gorgolos lv.80 - Blood Tornado & Dragon Grinder

5. New Ultimate skills at level 80 will be added for each class (some are duplicating, cannot be used in Olympiad, requires RB coin):
▪︎ Summoners will obtain Ugrade of summoning two servitors at once (includes Magnus, Feline King, Spectral Lord).
▪︎ Daggers and Bounty Hunter will obtain Clone Attack (copies 5 clones at once).
▪︎ Archers will obtain Blink (backward dash).
▪︎ Gladiator and Necro will obtain Disarm (unequippes weapon)
▪︎ Titan, Tyrant and Warlord will obtain Knockdown with seismic toss for a short time.
▪︎ Sorcerer, Overlord, Warcryer will obtain Dragon Fire Breath (range single skill with strong damage and long reuse).
▪︎ Tanks will obtain Dimensional Slash (range single skill with strong damage and long reuse, works with sword, dagger and dualsword) and Switch Aggro (cancels aggro of first char on the RB list).
▪︎ Bladedancer and Swordsinger will obtain Black Meteor (increases speed by +1000% for a short time while decreasing p./m. attack by -50%).
▪︎ Spellhowler and Spellsinger will obtain Mana Skin (increases amount of mana).
▪︎ Bishop, Elven Elder will obtain Mana Zone (increases amount of mana by 50% and basic stats by +3)
▪︎ Shillien Elder and Prophet will obtain Steal Divinity (steals buffs).

6. Lilith & Anakim in NEW separate locations.
▪︎ Respawn time: 144h+16
▪︎ Droplist:
▪︎ A-grade weapons
▪︎ A-grade armors
▪︎ Recipes + parts of Top A-grade weapons
▪︎ Blessed enchant scrolls armor and weapon A-grade
▪︎ Enchant scrolls armor and weapon A-grade
▪︎ RB coin with bigger drop chance
▪︎ Runes lv.1
▪︎ Jewels (you can put them to Grimoire art 6-slots brooch):
▪︎ Ruby DEX+1, WIT+1
▪︎ Sapphire STR+1, INT+1
▪︎ Pearl CON+1, MEN+1

7. Epic Antharas:
▪︎ Droplist:
▪︎ A-grade armors
▪︎ A-grade jewelry
▪︎ A-grade weapons
▪︎ TOP A-grade weapons
▪︎ Runes lv.1
▪︎ Blessed enchant scrolls armor and weapon A-grade
▪︎ Enchant scrolls armor and weapon A-grade
▪︎ Improved Scroll: Enchant Armor (B-grade)
▪︎ Improved Scroll: Enchant Weapon (C-grade)
▪︎ Improved Scroll: Enchant Armor (C-grade)
▪︎ Improved Scroll: Enchant Weapon (B-grade)

8. Legendary RBs lv. 82 in NEW separate locations.
▪︎ Einhasad's Incamation "Goddess of Light" (teleport from GK in Talking Village)
▪︎ Maphr's Incamation "God of Earth" (teleport from GK in Dwarven Village)
▪︎ Eva's Incamation "Goddess of Water" (teleport from GK in Elven Village)
▪︎ Shilen's Incamation "Mother of Darkness" (teleport from GK in Dark Elven Village)
▪︎ Paagrio's Incamation "God of Fire" (teleport from GK in Orc Village)
▪︎ Respawn time: 144h+16
▪︎ Droplist:
▪︎ A-grade Top weapons
▪︎ RB coin
▪︎ Smokescreen Jewel +500 m. def
▪︎ Divine gift Jewel +500 p. def
▪︎ Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (A-grade)
▪︎ Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (A-grade)

12-2 February-March 2021

The Beginning updates 


▪︎ Attendace rewards (candies) are received every 24h now.
▪︎ Mobs near Gludio/Gludin/Starter villages have been doubled added.
▪︎ Mob respawn time has been greatly reduced in dungeons.
▪︎ CRP item has been removed from droplist (can be obtained as additional reward from Life Stone Box and Enchant Box).
▪︎ Additional reward in Clan supplies box (higher level of box = more rewards) has been added.
▪︎ Mobs HP should be corrected now.
▪︎ Bigger amount of mobs have been spawned in all locations.
▪︎ CRP item has been added to supply clan box.
▪︎ Life stone box has been fixed.
▪︎ Event "Bosses" lv5 and lv14 has been added. You can teleport there for free from Gludio GK. Respawn time 7 days +/-1h. Drop chance 100%.
▪︎ There is only 10% chance to obtain CRP from clan supply box.
▪︎ Stun attack has been removed from Event Boss lv14.
▪︎ Some skills can be learned at lower levels, in order to make more friendly environment for newcomers.
▪︎ 5x scrolls of escape to Talking Island have been added to starter pack.
▪︎ Event Weapon (Cheer Stamen) 12 p.atk/m.atk has been added to weapon shop in every starter village (price: 100 adena). You can also obtain this weapon by completing Quest: "Find Sir Windawood" in Talking Island (required level: 3 - 6).
▪︎ Alfa mobs has been added (special mobs that spawn in the world with 1% chance) HP x10, Hp regeneration x1, Atk spd x1.5, P.Atk/M.atk x3, 10x more XP/SP than from regular mobs. Adena amount x10, Drop chance x10.
- Alfa has 50% chance to drop 1x 1st class buff scroll if mob is higher level than your character and 10% chance if mob is lower level than your character.
- There is 1% chance that mob with level 6+ will become Alfa-mob.
▪︎ New Geodata has been Installed.
▪︎ Physical skill evasion of every mob (skills are missing now less often) has been decreased.
▪︎ Bow attributes have been corrected.
- Damage has been corrected, it's the same for every type of weapon and depends on p.attack of weapon and weapon mastery.
- Bow critical damage has been corrected to retail one (bow crit dmg has been increased).
- Possibility to hit a critic with physical skill has been added (power shot, power strike).
- Candy item will disappear from inventory after expiration.
▪︎ Prices for clan hall functions have been reduced.
▪︎ Arrows cost has been reduced by 50%.
- Wooden arrow cost 1 adena.
- Bone arrow cost 2 adena.
▪︎ Characters accuracy has been slightly increased.
▪︎ All Alfa mobs have been changed for passive.
▪︎ There is no more micro log spikes.

13-22 February 2021

NoAdvantage Events time

"To help the new clan" Contest
We know how hard it is to bring new people to the server, so we decided to help the clans by organizing a small Contest.

Terms and conditions:
• Bring friends and create a clan of at least 30 people.
• Clan will receive our support in the form of a reward.
• If the clan exceeds 30 active players (does not apply to dualboxes), leader and clan members receive support from us.

Starter pack for new clans:
• Level 3 clan & crp for skills.
• Premium account of 1 month for every clan member.
• 50kk for the development of the clan.
• Clan Hall of your choice.

Thank you for supporting us in every possible way.
We would like to invite you for a battle against Antharas. This is the most dangerous boss in the land of Isekai. We need a lot of players to challenge him. If we exceed 100 likes (put them on our Discord in section Own Events), it will be a message that you are ready to face him. Let's start it together.
6th round of Quiz for NoAdvantage server
1st round of Quiz for The Beginning server
13.02.2021 at 20:00 GMT+1
3rd round of Olympiad Bookmakers
15.02.2021 - 21.02.2021 to 24:00 GMT+1
Reward: 30 attendance coins
The Event "Hidden Criminal" {part 1 - Baurin Boss 65} will start 14.02.2021 at 20:00 GMT+1. Read details about it above. Bring some friends, family members or clan mates and challenge him together.

13 February 2021

NoAdvantage 2-month analysis 

After almost 2 months of live server:
▪︎ The highest level of main class is 79 (1 player).
▪︎ The highest equipment is B grade.
▪︎ The highest enchant of C grade weapon is 8 (prop. 3 people).
▪︎ The highest enchant of B grade weapon is 5.
▪︎ Nobody has any Epic jewelery.
▪︎ On-line is diversified and depending on the time of day (mostly casuals are playing here), the biggest amount of players is at weekend (on Sunday).
▪︎ There are 5 medium clans:
- VipAsses (International)
- Alternative (Polish)
- Thelasthope (International)
- Todopoderoso (South America)
- 300 (Polish)
- and a few small ones

As you see there is no rush. People help each other, there is a friendly atmosphere.

It's very easy to level up your character for killing Raid bosses.

Enjoy your stay and have fun.

11 February 2021

NoAdvantage updates

▪︎ We've decided to put some changes, corrections and new things in comming update. We believe that this is the only right solution which can help us to bring both old and new players to the server. Unfortunately, the advertisement did not work properly as we wish for, but it doesn't mean that we are going to give up.
▪︎ Group gift will be given now when the number of players in the game is high enough.
▪︎ The map of updates will be added later on.

6-10 February 2021

NoAdvantage and The Beginning Events time

The Beginning server
Goblin Slayer has been successfully defeated after 30 min. Thank you for taking part in the Event. Watch the video.
One time "Goblin Slayer" Event
Wednesday 10.02.2021 at 20:00 GMT+1
RB lv.10 - Goblin King with social aggro goblins mobs

Droplist: 1st class buff scrolls, mysterious soulshots and blessed spiritshots no grade, major healing potions, scrolls of resurrection, arrows no grade, a lot of proof of blood.
NoAdvantage server
WINTER SALE (9 days limited time offer):
- Premium account 1 month for 5 euro
- Outfits for 5 euro
- Agathions for 5 euro

Deadline: 20.02.2021 to 22:00 GMT+1
Baium has been defeated 06.02.2021 at 23:30 GMT+1 after many hours of fight. Thank you for taking part in the Event and Congratulations on your persistence.
Baium Event will start today between 20:00 and 21:00 GMT+1.
Bring friends, family members, clan members and challenge the boss together. Ask GM for summoning you to the headquarters of Baium.

Reward: Drop from the Boss and an extra prize for taking part in the Event (The most persistent receive an extra reward for being active from the beginning until the end).

Don't miss it !!!

1-10 February 2021

The Beginning updates

• Karma burn speed has been increased x6.
• When your character die in PvP, from PK or Guards, you will loose 0.1% (level 10 and above). When your charackter die from Mobs/Npcs, you will not loose any EXP.
• Mana regeneration speed has been changed to x1.
• Some mobs incorrect values of HP has been fixed.
• Duration time of poison has been decreased. Poison will not stack now.
• XP required to level up (in a range of 1 - 10 lvl) has been slightly increased.
• Wooden and bone arrows/beast shots have been added to buylist at every grocery. Wooden arrow costs 1 adena, bone arrow 2 adena in the shop.
• Infinite quivers has been removed.
• Missing magician passive skills for orc shaman have been added.
• Prices for teleports in clan halls have been adjusted.
• Player with karma can be killed in peace zone.
• Players registered to castle siege can kill eachother in peace zone.
• Players cannot use GK while town is in Siege.
• Elven fighter levels of learning skills have been corrected.
• Major healing potions have been removed from droplist.
• Various mobs HP has been fixed.
• Candies timer has been fixed.
• Clan hunting reward has been adjusted.
• Quest "Pleas of Pixies" has been fixed. Now, every race can take the quest, 2% chance for emerald.
• Chance for rewards in quest "Bring wolf pelts" has been increased.
• Now, every mob which gives at least 20 exp will add 1 clan hunting point.
• Clan skill is affecting by every clan member now (even with the lowest rank).
• HP and MP regeneration have been slightly increased while sitting.
• Party EXP bonus has been slightly decreased.
• Chance to obtain emerald in Quest "Pleas of Pixies" is reduced now to 0.5%.
• Blessed spiritshot damage bonus has been corrected to +100% damage.
• Spiritshot damage bonus has been corrected to +40%.
• HP amount of various mobs has been corrected.

29 January 2021

The Beginning news


22-24 January 2021

NoAdvantage Events time

The first Core has been defeated 24.01.2021 at 19:25 GMT+1. Thank you for taking part in this Event and Congratulations to all.
Olympiad bookmakers start every Monday until Sunday after the previous Olympiad rotation ends.
WINTER SALE (7 days limited time offer) for Megaphone, Belt of Tamer, Color title is over. Thank you for supporting us with donations.
Core Event will start on Sunday 24.01.2021 at 19:00 GMT+1.
Bring friends or family members and challenge the Boss together. Ask GM for summoning you to the headquarters of Core. Read more details about it in Events.
The first Baium has been defeated 22.01.2021 at 01:00 GMT+1 after many hours of fight. Thank you for taking part in the Event and Congratulations on your persistence.
Baium event will start 21.01.2021 at 20:00 GMT+1
Bring friends or family members and challenge the Boss together. Ask GM for summoning you to the headquarters of Baium. Read more details about it in Events.

18 January 2021

The Beginning news

Open Beta test has been launched at 21:30 GMT+1 on 18.01.2021 until 28.01.2021. We wish you a successful hunt.

Every character will get in starter pack the following things:
1. 100kk adena
2. Some Instant High-grade SP scroll
3. Some instant Super XP scroll

11-16 January 2021

NoAdvantage Events time

Olympiad Bookmakers start from Monday to Sunday (18.01.2021 - 24.01.2021).

1. Copy the list from the channel "Olympiad Bookmakers" on our discord, insert someone's nicknames after the dash and put an icon "Approval TICK"
2. Read details about it in Events.

Reward: Megaphone
Deadline: 24.01.2021 at 24:00 GMT+1
WINTER SALE (7 days limited time offer)
• Megaphone for 5 euro
• Belt of Tamer for 8 euro
• Color title for 3 euro

Deadline: 22.01.2021 at 22:00 GMT+1. Don't miss it !!!
Discord "QUIZ" Fun & Play is today 16.01.2021 between 19:00 and 22:00 GMT+1. Read more details about it Events.
The Event "Hidden Criminal" {part 3 - Baurin Boss 32} will start 17.01.2021 at 20:00 GMT+1. Read details about it Events.
Event "Invite your friends"

Bring 5 friends and get a reward for it.

Terms and conditions:
• Write nicknames of your friends.
• Verification will be checked through the IP address.

Reward: 1 month of Premium Account or an item from donation of the same value.
The Event "Hidden Criminal" {part 2 - Baurin Boss 65} will start 15.01.2021 at 20:00 GMT+1. Read details about it Events.
The Event "Hidden Criminal" {part 1 - Baurin Boss 49} will start today at 20:00 GMT+1. Read details about it in Events.

• Baurin Boss appears at levels 32, 49, 65. He is very agressive and attacks mobs and players around him. He can also PK players and get karma.
• Player who is above 9 levels higher than him will receive Raid Curse.
• The notification will appear 30 min before the start (ingame, on discord).
• Baurin Boss will be hidden by us, but our directions (tips) will show you the way.
The Event "A sign of weakness" has just ended.

Thank you for taking part in the Event.

We hope you had a lot of fun doing it
Event "A sign of weakness" ends tonight at 24:00 GMT+1.

This is the last chance to prove Rb's who is the stronger !!!

Enjoy and have fun 

10 January 2021

NoAdvantage updates

• Some issues with geodata have been fixed.
• Missing spellbooks have been added to Grocery store in Gludio and Aden.
• Clan Reputation score - 150 (1 day) has been added to Guild Masters for daily coins, Fishing Guildsman for blue mackerel and fresh blue mackerel, Golden Treasure Chest.
• Golden Treasure Chest is working properly now.
• Issue with not being able to make instant lv.80 on subclass when you skipped the rabbit and switched immediately to main class or while you logged out your character has been fixed. However we still recommend you to kill the rabbit right after you add the subclass.
• Clan unity buff does not disappear upon your death or while you switch your class. You can take it once a day, duration 3h.
• Attendance window pops-up immediately after logging into the game.
• Pona is selling now (5) 2nd class buff scrolls for 1 sfd and (3) My teleport scrolls for 1 sfd.

Update requires some testing of the following things:

• Reset of clan hunting rewards and clan unity buff. Reset should occur everyday at 06:30 GMT+1 (it was set up after two days).
• Attendance reward should be able to claim everyday at 06:30 GMT+1 (it was set up after two days).

9-10 January 2021

NoAdvantage news

WINTER SALE (7 days limited time offer) >>> Premium account 1 month for 10 euro (includes all characters at the same account). Don't miss it !

Deadline 17.01.2021 at 22:00 GMT+1

Discord "QUIZ" Fun & Play is on every Saturday between 19:00 and 22:00 GMT+1.

1. The notification will appear 30 min before the start.
2. The prize will be announced before the start of the Event.
3. The screenshot will be placed on Discord (Quiz section) after 30 min of announcement (ingame).
4. The Event ends when you give the correct answer.
5. The winners are 3 people who give the correct answer first.

Read more details about it in Event.

Enjoy your stay and have fun

7 January 2021

NoAdvantage news

The group reward will be given to you in the game, everyday between 19:00 and 22:00 GMT+1. Be ready for it.


Terms and conditions:
• Video length: minimum 3 min, maximum 5 min.
• Time to make a video: 10 days.
• Video must be uploaded to YouTube publicly.
• The person who makes the best movie (in our opinion), wins the main prize.
• If you submit more videos, everyone will be awarded as a consolation prize.

Main prize:
• 30 shadow fairy dust for 30 days of Premium Account.
• Angel of Death Talisman.

A consolation prize:
• 7 shadow fairy dust for 7 days of Premium Account.

6 January 2021

NoAdvantage news

Event "A SIGN OF WEAKNESS" has started from today. Read details about it in Events.

NoAdvantage updates
• Iron punch and force blaster skills have been fixed.
• Power of aggression and hate aura has been increased.
• D grade weapons that could not be enchanted have been fixed.
• Enchant scroll parts can be stored in Warehouse now.
• Mobs accuracy has been corrected.
• Mobs evasion has been decreased.
• Some droplist in database has been corrected.
• XP/SP from RBs have been corrected and increased.
• Attendance window will pop-up 1 min after login into the game (instead of 30min).
• Global vote-check (vote coins rewarding) will occur every 4h now.

2-3 January 2021

NoAdvantage news


NoAdvantage updates
• Servitors P./M. attack have been decreased.
• Servitors Max HP has been increased.
• Servitors PvP P./M. def have been increased.
• Summoning time of all servitors from 2nd/3rd class has been increased to 'static' 10sec.
• Skills and summons have been restricted in Olympiad, among others: Servitor share, Magnus the Unicorn, Feline King, Spectral Lord
• P./M. def have been decreased while using frenzy.
• P. attack has been decreased while using guts.
• Mobs HP has been greatly increased.
• Missing spellbooks have been added to Grocery store.
• Rune Scribe skill has been added to all classes (creates 1 High grade SP scroll in exchange for 10k adena, reuse time 24h).
• Attendance check has been changed from 1h to 30 min.
• Adena amount has been increased x2 for some mobs with incorrect adena amount.
• Mobs weapon color-visual effect has been disabled.
• Some Quests rewards have been changed to x2.
• Mob group-agression has been decreased by 50%.
• Some incorrect HP of Mobs has been decreased.

31 December 2020

New Year wishes

Wishing you a year full of blessing and filled with a new adventure.

May all your goals be achieved, and all your plans be fulfilled. Have a blessed year ahead.

Happy New Year 2021
Isekai Team

29 December 2020

NoAdvantage news

The server is very well made. In our opinion it's one of the best substack server on the market today, but this is only our suggestion. Join the game and judge it yourself. The biggest thanks to Saiki for his hard work. We wouldn't have this great server as it is now without him in the team. He deserves for a hundred thanks. If you cannot appreciate this, it means that you cannot even appreciate your own work that you do on a daily basis. Each concept has been carefully thought out by us. We tried to simplify the game and balance all the characters as much as we could. We hope you will enjoy this server fully.

"Live" is comming on 2nd of January 2021. Invite your friends, family members, clans and unknown people and have fun.

OBT will be launched until Thursday (01.01.2021).

Thank you for your support and advices

29 December 2020

NoAdvantage updates

• All known reported bugs have been fixed.
• Skills power/duration/land rate/reuse have been corrected.
• Broken skills have been fixed.
• Raid Bosses have been empowered.
• Cubics power/land rate have been changed.
• Servitor durability has been increased.
• Servitor PvP dmg has been decreased.
• Clan hunting reward is enabled now with new system patch.
• Soulshot slots over the skillbar is enabled now with new system patch.
• Drop/spoil/stat mob checker in game (shift+target) has been added.
• Auto pots are disabled now.
• Effect of runes have been edited.

Things left to do:
• Skill descriptions.
• Skill-icon animations "ready to use" visual effect.
• Runes descriptions.

23 December 2020

Christmas wishes

May this holiday season sparkle and shine, may all of your wishes and dreams come true, and may you feel this happiness all year round.

We wish you Christmas filled with magic, wonder and love.

Merry Christmas to all
Isekai Team

22 December 2020

NoAdvantage news

• The Grand opening of the server at 20:00 GMT+1.
• The server location in Poland (Warsaw).
• Dedicated server prepaid for 5 years.
• Stable server, without wipe and chronicle upgrade.
• Weekly maintenance / maintenance break (mini updates / bug-fixes / server restart) for max 3h.
• Occasional Events (Christmass, Easter, Holidays, Valentine's Day, Halloween).
• We anticipate 'Server Updates' every six months with new locations, mobs, raid bosses, epics and additional skills for classes and new unique auto-events.
• We will never implement any custom weapon, armor or jewelry.
• We will never add any items with extra stats and bonuses.
• The maximum character level (lv.80) remains unchanged.
• A grade equipment (armor, weapon, jewelry) remains unchanged.
• Dualboxing remains unchanged.
• Substack system remains unchanged.
• Enchanting weapon system remains unchanged.

21 December 2020

NoAdvantage news

Open Beta test has been launched at 17:00 GMT+1 on 21.12.2020 until 01.01.2021. Check out information about it in News.

We wish you a successful hunt.

18 December 2020

NoAdvantage updates

• The skills have been fully tested and implemented. Check out information about it in Revamped skills.
• Giant Belt has been removed from Pona Npc pending repair.
• Misc items have been added to donations.
• Show-off Event has been added to your review. Check out information about it in Events.
• Advertising banner have been inserted on HopZone site.
• Bison Spirit Totem visual effect has been removed from the skill.
• Frenzy, Rage, Bison skills additionally decrease -30% of accuracy bow.
• The appearance of the Npc Gatekeepers, Auctioneers, Tores (Dungeon of Abyss) has been changed.
• Mp Vampiric attack has been added to dagger mastery (passive skill).

11-12 December 2020

NoAdvantage updates

• Skills breakdown has been added to your review. Check out 'Skills section'. Press the red icon to watch the video.
• Skills reuse has been corrected to equalize the chance to all classes.
• Dyes have been corrected and successfully implemented. Press the blue icon to watch the video.
• 2nd class spellbooks and amulets have been added to Lorenzo (Grocery store in Aden) and Harmony (Grocery store in Gludio).
• Christmas decorations have been added.
• Color Title, Wedding Veil, Wedding Bouquet, Formal Wear, Dices (Clover) have been added to Pona Npc (donations).
• Gatekeeper's licenses have been added to Dimensional Merchant.
• Return, Party Return, Chant of Gate, Grimoire: Art of Escape are working with Gatekeeper's licenses now.
• Provisional Clan Hall is temporarily disabled.
• Scrolls of escape to Gludin, Gludio, Dion, Giran, Oren, Hunter's Village, Aden, Ivory Tower, Floran Village, Cruma Tower, Dragon Valley Bridge are sold in Clan Halls and Castles at Chamberlain.
• Newbie Guides in Gludin, Gludio and Dion have been added.
• Dimensional gift from Abbys Dungeon has been corrected. The reward is following: Angel Cat's Blessing, EAC, EWC, Dimensional Blessing (2% chance), Masterpiece shield (1% chance), Weapon Box Top C grade (2% chance), Armor Box Top C grade (4% chance), Accessory Box Top C grade (6% chance).
• Stats distribution has been successfully implemented.
• Bound Pendants have been successfully added to Pona Npc.
• Newbie Buffer has been implemented in each Town.
• Free teleports to level 40 have been implemented.
• Olympiad settings have been implemented.
• Weight limit has been greatly increased.
• Level gap (15 lvls) between players has been implemented.
• Chance of losing an items upon death with karma has been implemented.
• 2 clans in one ally and 9 players in one party settings have been implemented.
• PvP announcement has been implemented.
• Dice Game has been implemented.
• Agathions have been fully implemented. 

3-6 December 2020

NoAdvantage updates

• The website has been completely rebuilt.
• Stats distribution has been thoroughly described in the gameplay of NoAdvantage server.
• Potion craft system video has been added. Press the blue icon to watch it.
• Fragments of short videos have been added to the website, check out sections 'NoAdvantage server information, Attendance Reward/Daily Mission, Bound Pendants, Donations'. They are available to watch it.
• Gallery with game screenshots have been added to your review.
• Potion Crafting system has been successfully implemented. Check out section 'NoAdvantage server information' and read about it.
• Raid Boss and Epic Raid Boss respawn and drop chance has been added to your review. Check out section 'NoAdvantage server information' and read about it.
• New visual effects have been implemented to Prominence, Blazing Circle, Aura Flare, Puma Spirit Totem, Ogre Spirit Totem, Bison Spirit Totem, Thrill Fight skills, Heavy Arrow Rain, Multiple Arrow, Lucky Blow, Chain Lightning, Divine Flash, Dimensional Cage, Lift in the Air, Benediction, Mass Empower, True Berserker, Dual Blow, Sword of Symphony, Tribunal, Judgment, Word of Fear, Scroll of Mana, Might of Heaven skills.
• New skills have been successfully implemented: Darkness and Vessel of Archangel, Blessing of Maphr.
• Castle Siege settings have been implemented.
• An items at Chamberlain (Castle Npc) have been added and corrected.
• Starter pack has been implemented.
• An items at Olympiad Manager have been added and corrected.

29 November 2020

NoAdvantage updates

• Promo Movie has been published.
• The Castle Siege settings have been successfully implemented.
• 1st, 2nd and 3rd class transfer for adena has been successfully implemented.
• Book of the Damned, Mysterious Coins have been added.
• Attendance reward has been successfully implemented.
• Daily Mission has been successfully implemented.
• Enchant scrolls (improved & solid) have been fixed (Galladucci NPC located in Luxury Shop).
• Donation items have been successfully implemented (Pona NPC located close to Luxury Shop).
• Starter pack has been corrected.
• Items for attendance coins at Dimensional Merchant have been changed.
• Agathions visual effects have been added.
• Server Rates have been implemented.
• Enchant Rates have been implemented.
• Substack system has been successfully implemented.
• Scrolls of mana have been corrected.
• Settings to Community board have been changed.
• Low, Medium Life stones have been added to all mobs level 40 (+).
• Low and Medium grade SP scrolls have been added to all mobs level 20 (+).
• Cloth Pieces have been added to all mobs level 68 (+).
• New visual effects have been implemented to Tempest, Aqua Splash & Freezing shackle skills.
• Base stats unification has been succesfully implemented.
• Temporal Talismans have been removed from our server.

21 November 2020

NoAdvantage updates

• The list of revamped skills and base stats unification were successfully added to your review.
• Potion Crafting system will be added to our server. To craft potions in combine item tool, you need a materials dropped from all mobs with a fixed drop chance.
• Visual effects were added to belts (fe.: enlarge your body x2 and shrink your body x2). Effect remains as long as you wear belt. Basically your char can become a giant or lilliputian.
• New visual effects and animations were added to our server. You will have an opportunity to see some modern animations and visual effects of skills and items.
• Mask/Hat Outfits Apperance, Talisman Angel of Death, Talisman of Antharas, Bound Pendants, 3rd class Spellbooks, Belts Giant and Liliputian have been successfully implemented.

An explanation of the role of dodging:
1) Physical evasion - connected with physical accuracy (it allows you to avoid a general attacks).
2) Skill evasion - connected with every physical skill, land rate {excluding blows} (it allows you to avoid a physical skills).
3) Blow land rate - every blow has specific land rate affected by side-attack, back-attack, front-attack.
4) Magical evasion - connected with magical evasion (it allows you to avoid a magic skills).

We greatly increased only physical evasion to each class. General attacks will miss way more often. Magic/physical skills will land normally, unless you will use buffs to increase m. evasion/skill evasion (like Ultimate Evasion, etc.) or pendant Veil of Darkness.

The most active users on discord will get a cosmetic item in the first day of live server. 

18 November 2020

Rock'nRoll news

Essence Project has been stopped. 
We've noticed that:
1. There was small interest on this project (proved by surveys, google analytics, other forums etc.).
2. We also haven't fixed all known bugs yet (not enough time).

Substack server will be launched without any delays as planned.

13 November 2020

NoAdvantage news

Open Beta rates remain the same as on live server. Check information about it in Features

Every character will get in starter pack the following things:
1. 2kkk adena
2. 2000 Instant High-grade SP scroll
3. 2000 instant Super XP scroll
4. 1000 Shadow Fairy Dust
5. 2000 Attendance Coin
6. 1000 Scroll of Mana
7. 100 Cloth Piece
8. 2000 Mark of battle
9. 100 Second class buff scroll
10. Community board (alt+b) with global gatekeeper and gm shop will be available to use, only during open-beta test

8 November 2020

NoAdvantage updates

We've got some private messages from you about leveling main and subclass separately. We realized that wasn't good idea, so we decided to make some fundamental changes desplayed below:
• Adding substack at 40 level after 2nd class transfer (for free).
• Deleting substack is available for free.
• Switching between both classes is possible anytime.
• Your Subclass will be 40 lvl with 2nd class transfer. It's enough to kill 1 mob to gain level 80 instantly. Basically if you add subclass at level 40, you will get skills from level 1 to 39 (auto-learned) and skills from level 40 to learn in exchange for SP till level 75. It's the same structure with 3rd class transfer, you have to learn skills manually from 76 to 80 for SP.
• Disabled skill auto-learning.
• All spellbooks are added to shop for adena. It includes: 2nd and 3rd class skills.
• Daily quests for Super XP scrolls are deleted from the server (Aligator Island hunt, Forest of Mirrors hunt etc..)
• Super XP scrolls are added as attendance reward (it's daily prize for logging into the game for 2h).
• Untradeable attendance coins are added for logging into the game everyday. You can exchange those attendance coins for: Angel's grace, Talisman Angel of Death, XP/Sp Runes.
• Skill level degradation is removed upon delevel your character. It means skills remain on high level.
• Participating in Olympiad is not possible on your subclass. It means only your main class become a hero.
• Level limitation from checkpoints is removed from the server. Max level is 80, not 66 as we planned before.
• High grade SP scrolls are added as reward in daily mission for participating in olympiad (1,10,30 times).
• High grade SP scrolls are added as drop from Raids.
• High grade SP scrolls are added as attendance reward for 7th day of the week in each week cycle (it's daily prize for logging into the game).
• Low and Medium grade SP scrolls are dropped from all mobs level 20+ with fixed chance, it depends on mob level range.
• You can exchange bunch of low/medium for high grade SP scrolls at luxury shop

1 November 2020

Brand name

We have changed the name to Isekai-Club. Now we are working on 2 servers in our network. It means we cooperate with another dev team on Essence. Check out the server details in section "Features".

[3x] Substack with revamped skills; java "NoAdvantage" Classic 2.0 (open beta test 20.12.2020 - 01.01.2021. Grand opening: 02.01.2021).

Retail-like; java "Rock'n'Roll" Essence (open beta test carried over to the next year until further notice).

31 October 2020

NoAdvantage news

The process of implementing features goes in the right direction. We will inform you about the server progression updates as often as possible. Check our news on regular basis.

18 October 2020

NoAdvantage news

We are planning to launch the first low-rate server in history of L2, based on PvP system with completely reworked skills. Every sub-stack combo will be worth of giving a try. Forgotten classes get revamped (elven fighters, dwarves, sorcerers, BD, SK, buffers will have equal combat abilities compared to other pro classes) while powerful ones lose some of their superpowers. All you need to do is to forget about popular classes and mighty skills you used to know, and find your own unique substack combo. The effect, mechanic, power of every useless skill will be changed to make them useful during PvP. All classes will be completely remastered with better, more organized and balanced skills. We want to bring some freshness and variety to L2, so forget about spaming F1 / general attack, re-learn about the skills and try a new tactics in order to beat them all.

11 October 2020

NoAdvantage progression

01.10.2020 - 20.12.2020 -- Closed beta test
20.12.2020 - 01.01.2021 -- Open beta test 
02.01.2021 -- Grand opening 

The date might still change. Check our news on a regular basis.

10 October 2020

NoAdvantage news

Thank you for joining us and your support. Everyone is welcome. If you know people who have a similar point of view, you should invite them to our community. We can do much more together.

Help us increase the population. There is predicted reward for advertising our server (check out ad-reward channel in our discord).

Many relevant information you will find in FAQ. Do not forget we are here to dispel your doubts.

Please stay with us and you won't regret your decision. We want to prove you that Lineage 2 is still one of the best mmorpg but unfortunately destroyed by admins who doesn't know what balance means. Let's rise our community together and make the best server ever! 

4 October 2020

NoAdvantage news

At the moment, our server is in closed beta test stage. A short open beta test should start till end of year. It all depends on the interest of potential players in this project. Our goal is to bring entertainment at the highest possible level, and to keep server alive for as long as possible. Each player is important to us, that's why we consider every suggestion of gameplay improvement. We will offer you a game in a very different style. It's up to you what kind of server will be created. 

Contact us