The Beginning server


• Server time: GMT+1
• Chronicle: Classic 2.0 version
• Maximum level 39
• Java files
• Flawless files
• Full geodata
• Advanced antibot/antihack system
• Gameplay: Retail-like (Items, Droplist, Mobs, Locations, Epics/Rbs drops, Spoiling, Crafting, Quests, Skills)

Server rates

• Exp: 0.012x 
• Sp: 1x
• Adena chance: 0.1x
• Drop chance: 0.1x
• Spoil chance: 0.1x
• Quest adena reward: 0.1x
• Quest item reward: 1x
• Adena amount: 1x
• Drop amount: 1x
• Spoil amount: 1x

Enchant rates

• Safe enchantment: +3
• Max enchantment: +16
• Normal scroll enchant: 50% success rate
• Blessed scroll enchant: 50% success rate


The Beginning server


• Only one character from one person is allowed (dualboxing of any kind/form running by one person will be punished)
- HWID limit: 1
- IP limit: 2
• No gm shop
• No gm help
• No gm buffer
• No newbie guide 
• No free teleports
• No global gk
• No pay to win
• No corruption
• Offline shops
• Own events 
• Drop calculator
• Drop search database in community board (alt+b)

Server details

• Enabled Loop macro [max 10min if you don't use mouse/keyboard in game]
• 1st class transfer for quest
• Castle Siege with weaken Guards (level 15) and Captain Guards (level 20), additionally Artisan (level 20) can summon Siege Golem to break the walls or gate (doesn't consume gemstones nor crystals), Build Headquarters skill doesn't consume gemstones and Clan lv.1 can register to the Siege
• Olympiad in 'd' grade items will be enabled after few months
• Challengeable epic: Queen Ant
• Weight limit is increased
• Chance of losing an items upon death with karma is increased (equipped weapon is safe)
• Karma count is 200 per 1 PK
• No drop an equipped items upon the character's death (there is a chance to drop the unequipped items)
• Proof of Blood is dropped from low level mobs (with a fixed low chance)
• Clan Reputation Score - 150 (disappears after 1 day) is dropped from low level mobs (with a fixed low chance)
• Major healing potions (untradeable items) are dropped from low level mobs (with a fixed low chance)
• Box with D-grade parts of enchant scrolls (for normal, solid, improved) is dropped from low level mobs (with a fixed low chance)
• Life stones box (low, mid or high) is dropped from low level mobs (with a fixed low chance)
• Nobless buff (without spirit ores) is auto learned on lv.1
• No exp penalty upon the character's death
• No GK's in Oren and Aden (limited teleport options)
• 9 players in one party
• 2 clans in one alliance
• Item augmentation without skills
• Disabled Runes system
• Disabled Fishing system
• Disabled items selling at Clan Hall and the Castle
• Server side Mob-checker (shift+target)
• Adjusted prices for consumables in Grocery store
• Adjusted prices for Teleports from Gatekeeper according to 0,1x adena rate
• Adjusted prices for Clan Hall auctions and lower prices at Chamberlain
• Penalty for wearing higher grade equpment than your expertise (stats -90%)
• Penalty for killing mobs/raids higher than your character's level (starts from +6 and more)
• Nom Nom Candy is untradeable item
• Vote coin is untradeable item
• My teleport system (every player obtains 1 spellbook [unlocks 3 teleport slots], 21 flag devices and 10 scrolls, there is a skill automatically learned on each character which enables summoning 1 my teleport scroll once a 24 hours, consumes 100 adena)
• Attendance reward: Nom Nom Candy: XP/SP +15% while hunting, candy automatically gives a passive buff when stored in your inventory, duration 6h, the remaining time decreases even when not playing
• Daily mission reward: 1st class buff scroll


Premium account:
- Premium Rate EXP: 0.024x