NoAdvantage Team

He's been playing this game since 2004, mostly on substacks and retail-like servers, always as a clan leader.
In the past he helped in developing of 2 famous substack servers. Now, after a break he returned to restore glory of Substacks ;)


NoAdvantage Team

He's been playing this game since 2005. He used to be a good clan mate of Saiki. He has head full of innovative ideas. In the past he proved his worth as GM on one big interlude server.


NoAdvantage Team

He's been playing this game for many years. In the past he was proud admin of a big server community. A friendly person who will bring a lot of good to our server.

About server

We are experienced players and enthusiasts of mmorpg games. We started our adventure with lineage 2 in 2005. The game is well know by us. After many years of playing and bitterness we decided to make our own server. We are not fans of pay to win, corruption, having exaggerated or high enchanted items. We love the simplicity of the game and a good storyline. That's why we offer you something unique with prospect for many years. We don't like sad politics of many developers who destroy Lineage 2 because of the money. We guarantee you a fair, simple and balanced game. Join us and you won't regret your decision. 

Server name meaning:
☆ No pay to win 
☆ No corruption 
☆ No domination 
☆ No superiority
☆ No exaggerated items
☆ No high enchanted items 
☆ Balanced classes 
☆ Equality
☆ The same chance to everyone
☆ Respect to everyone
☆ Gameplay simplicity
☆ Back to the tactics, strategy and smart playing