Terms and Conditions

Rules of conduct

  1. BOT PROGRAMS ARE PROHIBITED: a) Do not use programs which automate character behavior. b) Do not cause game critical errors to other players. c) The server will grant 1 Warning Pass to the player's account. It means if you get caught by the administration, you will have 1 more chance of playing in noadvantage server for as long as you do not use illegal softwares again.
  2. ACCOUNT LOCKOUT INCLUDES: Bans, reminders, blocking characters, blocking chats, blocking accounts, blocking IP addresses, deleting characters, deleting accounts.
  3. INSULTS TO STAFF OR SERVER MEMBERS ARE NOT ALLOWED: Show the same respect as we do.
  4. Do not use ingame/discord nicknames/titles contain offensive content.
  5. Do not use ingame/discord the vulgar words/offensive content on Chat.
  6. Sharing accounts with other players is at your own risk and responsibility. We assume no liability for any type of fraud you may incur as a result of account theft or hacking.
  7. The player is responsible for the security of his account and for all other activities.
  8. We do not use the privacy data of our users.
  9. Please report any bugs found in the game.
  10. Do not take an advantage of any kind of server bug.
  11. Do not advertise your products through our server or discord.
  12. Selling adena or items through our server is punishable by a permanent ban.
  13. During an update, the server is temporarily shut down. Please be patient.
  14. If the server is off-line, it means (there is maintenance, attempting to attack the server, updates).
  15. If you seriously violate the Agreement, you may lose access to the server (temporarily or permanently).
  16. If you are not completely satisfied with our server, you can leave, delete all your characters and accounts at ANY TIME.
  17. If we decide to close the server permanently or temporary for some reason, we will inform you about this situation much earlier.