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NoAdvantage Server

After donating you may receive ingame the gift of gratitude from the list below. We are not selling any goods or services therefore we are not obliged to send you any item, and you have no rights to claim any of these. Virtual items obtained as a gifts are not refundable.

Cosmetic items

sfd 2-7
  • Headgears
  • Agathions
  • Mask/Hat Outfit Appearance


sfd 5
  • Nickname, Gender & Color title change
  • Clan name change
  • Transfer char to another account


sfd 1-12
  • My teleport, Buff scrolls, Megaphone & Misc
  • Belts
  • Angel's grace & Talismans

Terms & Conditions

Rules of conduct

  1. By donating any amount to NoAdvantage Project, motivates us to continue working and you automatically agree to the following:
  2. All donations are final and non-refundable.
  3. You do not receive any service or product.
  4. You understand that this is a voluntary donation.
  5. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not send any donations.
  6. Donations are mainly used to cover costs of dedicated server monthly payment, webhosting & domain payments in order to maintain the server.
  7. You will have to add 10% to the total amount you wish to donate (Paypal tax).
  8. Once you have donated, send us a message on our e-mail:

Cosmetic items

NoAdvantage server

Headgear & Items

• Yellow Refined Romantic Chapeau 
• Green Refined Romantic Chapeau 
• Gold Refined Romantic Chapeau 
• Blue Refined Romantic Chapeau 
• Red Refined Romantic Chapeau
• Refined Black Skeleton Circlet
• Refined Romantic Chapeau
• The Best Graduate's Cope
• Samurai Hair Accessory
• Refined Carnival Circlet 
• Refined Silver Chapeau 
• Assassin's Bamboo Hat
• Refined Brown Turban
• Refined Yellow Turban
• Enhanced Search Hat
• Enhanced Mining Hat
• Gold-rimmed Glasses
• Black Skeleton Circlet
• Silver Skeleton Circlet
• Circlet of Earthquake
• Gold Skeleton Circlet
• Ruthless Tribe Mask
• Black Feather Mask
• Refined Wizard Hat
• Red Horn of Victory
• Refined Devil Horn
• Refined Angel Ring
• Circlet of Darkness
• Circlet of Splendor
• Santa's Red Nose
• Ribbon Hairband
• Chick Silver Horn
• Artisan's Goggles
• Circlet of Flames
• Black Half Mask
• Chick Gold Horn
• Gatekeeper Hat
• Fairy Antennae
• Adventurer Hat
• Teddy Bear Hat
• Circlet of Storm
• Half Face Mask
• Pirate King Hat
• Phantom Mask
• Valkyrie Circlet
• First Mate Hat
• Wedding Veil
• Vigilante Hat
• Circlet of Ice
• Wizard's Hat
• Uniform Hat
• Laborer Hat
• Dapper Cap
• Mining Hat
• Search Hat
• Black Mask
• Sheep Hat
• Jester Hat
• Santa Hat
• Straw Hat
• Piggy Hat
• Chapeau
• Cat Ears
• Flag Hat
• Coronet
• Top Hat

Agathions with visual Aura

• Zaken's Spirit Swords
• Nevit's Herald Kanna
• One-eyed Bat Drove
• Flower Fairy Spirit
• Pegasus
• Phoenix
• Lakinos

Mask/Hat Outfit Appearance

• White Assassin
• Red Musketeer
• Pirate Captain
• Dark Assassin
• Blue Swimsuit
• Red Swimsuit 
• Baseball
• Santa
• Maid


NoAdvantage server

Nickname, Gender & Color Title change

• Do not use ingame nicknames/titles contain offensive content

• Man
• Woman

Color Title:
• Pink
• Rose Pink
• Lemon Yellow
• Lilac
• Cobalt Violet
• Mint Green
• Peacock Green
• Yellow Ochre
• Chocolate
• Silver

Clan name change

• Do not use ingame clan names contain offensive content

Transfer char to another account

• There is a possibility to send your character from one account to another one


NoAdvantage server

Premium account & My teleport

Premium account increases only EXP and SP double times (3x2=6). Instant SP and EXP scrolls give you a double values at Premium account.

Premium account:
- 1 month 

My teleport: 
- Scroll (5)
- Flag (2) 
- Spellbook (1)

Buff scrolls:
- 2nd class buff scrolls (10)

- 20 more messages 'forever' in the World Chat per day (cannot be exchange, dropped, sold in a private store)

- Dice (Clover)
- Wedding Bouquet 
- Elf Figure (an item is dropped out)
- Coke (an item is dropped out)
- Mouse (an item is dropped out)
- Formal Wear (while using this item, weapon cannot be used)
- 1000 Crystal D
- 500 Crystal C
- 250 Crystal B
- 50 Talisman Crystal
- 20 Major warrior healing potion
- 4 Gemstone (A-grade)
- 1 Cloth Piece
- 1 RB coin


Untradeable items

Belt: Liliputian (Shrink the Body)
Belt of Tamer: Mounts

1. Click here to watch a video
2. It works by using skill 
3. Located in the 'Item skills' bar (Liliputian) and 'Transform skills' bar (Mounts)
4. Liliputian skill reuse time is 5 min, casting time 5 sec, duration indefinite
5. Liliputian visual effect remains as long as you use the belt
6. Mounts skill reuse time is 1 sec, casting time 1 sec
7. Mounts can be casted all the time while using the belt

Angel's grace & Talismans

Untradeable items

• 1x Ag ~ replacing the Angelic bound pendant to another bound pendant
• 1x Ag ~ replacing the Demonic bound pendant to another bound pendant

Talisman: 1x Angel of Death with a glow (no exp-loss upon the character's death)