We've applied our own set of events to keep you entertained

"Hidden Criminal"

Description: Baurin, the twin brother of Taurin has robbed warehouse and escaped. There is a bounty for his head. Find him before someone else does it. Our tips will show you the way.
The Event Time: Implemented manually between 19:00 and 22:00 GMT+1.
Reward: 60 000 000 adena for killing him.
1. Baurin Boss appears at levels 32, 49, 65, 75. He is very agressive and attacks mobs and players around him. He can also PK players and get karma.
2. Player who is above 8 levels higher than him will receive Raid Curse.
3. The notification will appear 30 min before the start (ingame, on discord). 
4. Baurin Boss will be hidden by us, but our directions (tips) will show you the way.


Description: An arena has been opened in a honor of Gran Kain. The teams play out the battle to pay homage to God. Show your strength and find a way to grab a reward from the enemy's hands.
The Event Day: Monday and Thursday.
The Event Time: Manager will appear (with a chat annoucement) in the center of Giran every hour between 20:00 and 24:00 GMT+1.
Reward: Show-off box contains: 100% Attendance coin (5), 70% Daily coin (10), 50% High grade SP scroll (1), 20% Vote coin (10), 20% 2nd class buff scroll (10), 5% Shadow Fairy Dust (1) for the winning team.
Terms & Conditions: 
1. You can register one char per IP.
2. Minimum number of participants 4, maximum 24.
3. Maximum number of participants in party 6.
4. Every player (lv.40+) can participate in the Event.
5. The Event is repetitive in full hours, f.e.: 20:00, 21:00, 22:00, 23:00, 24:00 GMT+1

Discord fun & play

Quiz is a part of our own events. The fun is to guess the name of places, characters and other things from the screenshots sent by us. The first person who give the correct answer will receive a reward.
The Event Day: Organized on the day when the on-line is the highest (mainly at weekend).
Reward: Random item will be passed to the winner as soon as possible.
Terms & Conditions:
1. The notification will appear 10 min before the start (ingame, on discord). 
2. The prize will be announced before the start of the Event. 
3. The screenshot will be placed on Discord (Quiz section) after 10 min of announcement.
4. Only one TIP (one more screenshot) will be placed to help you with the answer.
5. The Event ends when you give the correct answer.
6. Edited answer is not taken into account.
7. The time placed next to your nickname gives us information about who is the winner.
8. You can also put the nickname of your character ingame to get a reward much quicker.

"To help the New Clan" 

Description: Bring friends and create a clan of at least 10 people. Clan will receive our support in the form of a reward.
 Terms and conditions:
1. If the clan exceeds 10 active players (does not apply to dualboxes), leader receives support from us. 
Starter pack:
• Level 3 clan & crp for skills.
• 20kk for the development of the clan.
• Clan Hall of your choice.

Thank you in advance for supporting us in every possible way.

"Battle for treasure"

Description: Ceremony of chaos invites everyone to the battle for a treasure.
The Event Day: Tuesday and Wednesday.
The Event Time: Twice a day (with a chat announcement) at 20:00 and 24:00 GMT+1 for 15 min.
Reward from chest: EAB (12%), EAA (6%), EWB (6%), EWA (3%), BEAB (4%), BEAA (2%), BEWB (2%), BEWA (1%), Premium coin (5%), Glorious Cloak 7-days (1%), 2nd class buff scroll (100%), 8-24 Crystal D-grade (80%), 4-12 Crystal C-grade (40%), 2-6 Crystal B-grade (20%), 1-3 Crystal A-grade (10%).
Teleport: Gatekeeper from Giran and Aden (cost 10 000 adena).
Zone Type: Combat arena (PvP Zone) with 25 treasure chests.
• Required items: Treasure chest Keys are obtainable from all mobs around the world with a small chance (tradeable).
• Instruction: 
1. Treasure chest will spawn in the Event Area.
2. There is 100% chance to open a treasure chest. 
3. They cannot be opened with unlock (you have to use "Open the chest" skill).
4. Treasure chests don't use any skills, their general damage is 1, they also cannot move.
5. Aggressive Eilhalder Von Hellmann lv.80 is the protector of this place.
Drop: 1-2 Ornament box (C-grade), 1-2 Ornament box (B-grade), 1 Ornament box (A-grade), 1 Armor Supply box (C-grade), 1 Armor Supply box (B-grade), 1 Weapon Supply box (C-grade), 1 Weapon Supply box (B-grade), 20-70 Proof of Blood.
6. The event ends after 15 min or when you open all 25 treasure chests.