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Server rates

NoAdvantage substack

EXP / SP x6

☆ Premium account increases EXP/SP double time
☆ Angel's Cat Blessing, Nom Nom Candy, Runes increase the boosts


☆ Auto pick-up (excluding raids)
☆ Raids drop rate x2
☆ Blessing of Maphr increases drop chance


☆ Enabled Loop macros


☆ 1st/2nd class transfer for adena
☆ 3rd class transfer for 50 daily coins
☆ Press the tutorial in the bottom right corner and choose your profession


NoAdvantage substack

Substack system

☆ Fusion of 2 Classes of the same Race (active and passive skills are stacked)
☆ Separated LEVEL, EXP, SP, DYES on main class and subclass
☆ Instantly 80 level on subclass
☆ Adding substack at 40 level for free (visit Grand Master)
☆ Switching and deleting substack for free (visit Grand Master)

Classic Saviors 2.0

☆ Server time: GMT+1
☆ Improved Classic (combination of the best features from old and new chronicles) based on classic 2.0 client
☆ Java files
☆ Full geodata

Voting system

☆ 7 votes are required globally to obtain 1 vote coin within 1 hour per ranking-website
Press here for more info

Off-line shops

☆ Put private store and exit the game

Enchant rates

NoAdvantage substack

Safe enchantment +3

☆ Use enchant scrolls to increase power of your items
☆ Includes armor, jewellery, weapon

Max enchantment +8

☆ Use enchant scrolls to increase power of your items
☆ Includes armor, jewellery, weapon

Improved scroll

☆ Increases an item up to 1, 2 or 3
☆ Not safe enchant scroll (when you fail enchanting, you can crystallize your item)

Solid / Blessed enchant scroll

☆ Increases an item up to 1
☆ Solid - safe enchant scroll (when you fail enchanting, you will not lose your item and your current enchant remains unchanged)
☆ Blessed - safe enchant scroll (when you fail enchanting, your previous enchant returns to 0)


NoAdvantage substack


☆ Spellbooks for 3rd class transfer are obtained for adena at Lorenzo (Grocery store in Aden) or Harmony (Grocery store in Gludio)
☆ Auto-learning skills from level 1 to 74 
☆ Skills above level 74 must be learned by using SP

Scroll of Mana

☆ Regenerates MP over time
☆ With visual effect
☆ Duration 60 sec, reuse time 3 min

Balanced gameplay

☆ Revamped skills of every class to balance all substack combos
☆ Base stats unification
☆ Visual effects of skills
☆ Re-worked runes
☆ Fair hero calculation

2nd buff scroll

☆ Basic set of maxed-level buffs from 2nd class buff scroll
☆ Newbie guides are located in Gludin, Gludio, Dion, Giran, they provides basic set of buffs up to level 40

Bound Pendant

☆ 1 of your choice per character
☆ Makes your character more powerful
Press here for more info

Angel of Death Talisman

☆ No exp-loss upon character death

Talisman of Antharas (Noblesse)

☆ No buffs-loss upon character death


☆ Ruby DEX+1, WIT+1
☆ Sapphire STR+1, INT+1
☆ Pearl CON+1, MEN+1
☆ Smokescreen +500 m. def
☆ Divine gift +500 p. def
☆ Water Dragon Lacrima from Fafurion's Herald Lokness (casting speed by +10%, max MP by +20%, -10% magic skill reuse for 5 min, reuse time 30 min, cannot be used in Olympiad)
☆ Fire Dragon Lacrima from Ember (attack speed by +10%, max HP by +20%, -10% physical skill reuse for 5 min, reuse time 30 min, cannot be used in Olympiad)


☆ Bracelet that summons the image of an Agathion


☆ Changes the appearance of the entire armor


Art of Escape (7-days) built-in 3 skills Quick Escape, consumes 1 gatekeeper's license (purchased in the Castle, Clan Hall, Olympiad Manager, Dimensional Merchant, Attendance check reward, Pona)


Belt of Tamer allows you to ride the Mount (contains 5 types of the mounts)
☆ Belt Liliputian shrink the body

Potion Crafting system

☆ Greater CP, Major Healing, Scroll of Mana are crafted from recipes in common craft item skill  (60% chance of success)
☆ Herb of life, herb of vigor, herb of mana, soul shards are required
☆ Recipes are obtained from starter pack
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☆ HWID limit: 3
☆ IP limit: 1
☆ No GM shop
☆ No GM buffer
☆ No global GK
☆ No p2w
☆ No corruption
☆ No cash grab
☆ Own events
☆ Attendance check reward
☆ Daily mission reward
☆ Delevel npc
☆ Drop calculator
☆ Premium account panel
☆ Drop search database in community board (alt+b)

Gatekeeper's license

☆ Consumed while using Return, Party Return, Chant of Gate, Quick Escape to Castle, Quick Escape to Clan Hall and Quick Escape to Town from Grimoire: Art of Escape
☆ Dropped from all mobs level 20+
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Lord's Crown

☆ Leader can summon a party members to chosen location
☆ Reuse time 1 hour
☆ Gatekeeper's licenses are not required


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Ant Queen

☆ Respawn time 48h+2
☆ Ring drop chance 100%


☆ Respawn time 48h+2
☆ Ring drop chance 100%


☆ Respawn time 120h
☆ Ring drop chance 100%


☆ Respawn time 48h+2
☆ Earring drop chance 100%

Eva's incarnation

☆ Respawn time 192h+96
☆ Earring drop chance 33%

Shilien's incarnation

☆ Respawn time 192h+96
☆ Necklace drop chance 33%


☆ Respawn time 264h+72
☆ Necklace drop chance 100%

Castle Siege

NoAdvantage substack

Gludio and Dion Castle

☆ Friday
☆ Dion 20:00 GMT+1
☆ Gludio 22:00 GMT+1

Oren Castle

☆ Saturday
☆ 22:00 GMT+1

Giran Castle

☆ Saturday
☆ 20:00 GMT+1

Aden Castle

☆ Sunday
☆ 20:00 GMT+1

Server details

NoAdvantage server

Castle Siege details

☆ Clan (3rd level) can participate to the Siege
☆ Siege participants can fight against each other in Cities and Peace Zones
☆ The Castle Siege lasts 2 hours
☆ Maximum number of flags: 2 per clan
☆ Attackers will have an opportunity to join to the battle 30 sec upon the death suffered inside / outside the Castle
☆ The Castle tax: light side 15%, dark side 30%
☆ You cannot use Gatekeeper during the Siege time 

Olympiad details

☆ You can participate in Olympiad, when you reach level 56 ONLY as main class
☆ Minimum number of participants 2
☆ C grade equipment (non-enchanted) is maximum to take a part in Olympiad
☆ Olympiad lasts 2 weeks and finish at every Thursday (evening time)
☆ Hero is selected at every Friday at 12 o'clock GMT+1
☆ Olympiad is played out 5 days a week (from Sunday to Thursday) at evening time (UTC+1)
☆ Exchange Marks of Battle for prizes at Olympiad Manager

Tips for new players

☆ Dyes +1-2 to all kind (1st class transfer) from Grocery store, you cannot insert them without having 1st class profession
☆ Greater Dyes +1-1 to all kind (2nd class transfer) from Grocery store, you cannot insert them without having 2nd class profession
☆ Best Dyes +2-2 to all kind (3rd class transfer) from Grocery store, you cannot insert them without having 3rd class profession
Press here to watch video

☆ Move the mouse cursor straight on the radar (mini map) which is in the upper right corner. Press the 'last' button called "my teleport". Use spellbook to unlock 3 slots. Click on "save location"
☆ 'Flag device' item save your current location (teleport destination)
☆ 'Scroll' move your character to chosen location (this scroll does not works like scroll of escape)
☆ In order to teleport click on icon of your saved location (you will get ported and "my teleport scroll" will be consumed)

☆ Visit Blacksmith, find the option with "study runes"
☆ Press "insert rune" and follow the instruction
☆ Insert the weapon to the box
☆ Choose one of the two options
☆ Press "registration"
☆ Press "start"
☆ The operation ends successively
☆ Gemstone are necessarily to insert rune into weapon
☆ Removing the rune does not cause loss

☆ Obtained from Raid Bosses
☆ Press the sealed rune and get random type of rune, fe.: othell, yul, tyrr, siegel, feoh, iss, wynn, aeore

☆ Located in inventory
☆ Mix the runes of the same type to raise their level (fe.: wynn's rune 1 lvl + wynn's rune 1 lvl = wynn's rune 2 lvl or fail)

☆ Respawn time 18h+2
☆ Drop: weapon and armor B-grade
☆ Roaring Skylancer (from Coliseum to the mountain)
☆ Meanas Anor (Blazing Swamp)
☆ Palibati Queen Themis (Cemetery)
☆ Shilen's Messenger Cabrio (Cemetery)

☆ Respawn time 18h+2
☆ Drop: armor B-grade
 Lilith' Witch Marilion (Lair of Antharas)
 Gwindorr (Lair of Antharas)
 Zaken's Butcher Krantz (Ancient Battleground)

RAID BOSS lv.75 
☆ Respawn time 36h+4
☆ Drop: top B-grade weapon
 Bloody Priest Rudelto (Lair of Antharas)
 Anakim's Nemesis Zakaron (Lair of Antharas)
 Fire Spirit Nastron (Lair of Antharas)
 Spirit of Andras, the Betrayer (Altar of Shilen)
 Demon's Agent Falston (Altar of Shilen)
 Icicle Emperor Bumbalump (Altar of Shilen)
 Fafurion's Herald Lokness (Altar of Shilen) 
Drop: Water Dragon Lacrima and RB coin
 Enmity Ghost Ramdal (Altar of Shilen)
 Water Spirit Lian (Altar of Shilen)
 Rahha (Ancient Battleground)

RAID BOSS lv.80 
☆ Location: Giant Cave
☆ Respawn time 36h+4
☆ Drop: parts and recipes of A grade items, RB coin
☆ Beast Lord Behemot (Phoenix jewelry set)
☆ Flame of Splendor (Majestic jewelry set + Angel's grace)
☆ Menacing Palatanos (Dark Crystal Shield & Shield of Nightmare)
☆ Doom Blade Thanatos (Nightmare robe set + Cursed core)
☆ Water Dragon Priest Sheshark (Nightmare leather set)
☆ Death Lord Shax (Nightmare heavy set + Cursed core)
☆ Kernon (Tallum heavy set)
☆ Vanor Chief Kandra (Tallum leather set)
☆ Last Titan Utenus (Tallum robe set)
☆ Cherub Galaxia (Majestic robe set + Angel's grace)
☆ Fire of Wrath Shuriel (Majestic leather set + Angel's grace)
☆ Ocean Flame Ashakiel (Majestic heavy set + Angel's grace)
☆ Antharas Priest Cloe (Dark Crystal robe set)
☆ Death Lord Ipos (Dark Crystal leather set + Cursed core)
☆ Bloody Empress Decarbia (Dark Crystal heavy set)
☆ Ember (Carnage Bow & Soul Bow + Fire Dragon Lacrima)
☆ Death Lord Hallate (Infernal Master & Dragon Slayer + Cursed core)
☆ Korim (Spirtual Eye & Flaming Dragon Skull)
☆ Longhorn Golkonda (Meteor Shower & Elysian)
☆ Mardil (Elemental Sword & Sword of Miracles)
☆ Storm Winged Naga (Halberd & Tallum Glaive)
☆ Krokian Padisha Sobekk (Destroyer Hammer & Doom Crusher)
☆ Hestia (Bloody Orchid & Soul Separator)
☆ Last Lesser Giant Glaki (Dasparion's Staff & Branch of the Mother Tree)
☆ Last Lesser Giant Olkuth (Dark legion's Edge & Tallum Blade)
☆ Gorgolos (Blood Tornado & Dragon Grinder)

Anakim & Lilith lv.80
☆ Respawn time 192h+96
☆ Droplist: A-grade weapon, A-grade armor, Recipes & parts of Top A-grade weapon, Blessed enchant scrolls armor and weapon A-grade, Enchant scrolls armor and weapon A-grade, RB coin, Rune lv.1, Jewel (Ruby, Sapphire, Pearl)

Ruins of Agony 17-24 lvl
Abandoned Camp 21-30 lvl
Orc Barracks 30-40 lvl
Execution Ground 30-40 lvl
Cruma Tower 40-50 lvl
Dragon Valley 40-50 lvl
Fields of Massacre 53-64 lvl
Blazing Swamp 65-80 lvl

More info

• No penalty for dropping items to the ground as a result of death
• Raid Boss EXP is reduced to a value of 6x rate server
• Trumpetfish: dagger (7-day) is exchanged for another weapon 7-days at Dimensional Merchant
• Turtle: shield (7-day) is exchanged for 2nd class buff scrolls (10) at Dimensional Merchant
• RB coin is exchanged for vote coins (30) or attendance coins (30) at Dimensional Merchant
• Fighter and Mystic base stats vary only in CON and MEN
• Free teleports to level 40
• Level gap between players is 15
• Weight limit is increased
• Chance of losing an items upon death with karma is increased (equipped weapon is safe)
• 9 players in one party
• 2 clans in one alliance (from 5 clan level)
• Talisman of Baium, Talisman of Insolence I-VI (gives passive boosts from only one type of talisman)
• Item augmentation adds only basic parameters of P./M. attack, P./M. def, P./M. accuracy, P./M. critical rate, P./M. evasion, speed (does not include skills)
• Life Stone Pack (Low, Medium or High grade) is dropped from all mobs level (40+) with fixed chance (depends on mob level range)
• Gemstone A grade are dropped from all mobs level (60+)
• Attendance coins are obtained for Attendance check reward and Show-Off Event
• Low and Medium grade SP scrolls are dropped from all mobs level (20+) with fixed chance (depends on mob level range)
• You can exchange bunch of low/medium for high grade SP scrolls at Alexandria (Luxury shop)
• High grade SP scroll gives 1kk SP
• PK scrolls are exchanged for attendance coins at Dimensional Merchant (untradeable item)
• Cloth Pieces are dropped from all mobs level (68+) with fixed chance 0,01%
• 1st class buff scrolls are obtainted from Daily mission, Golden Treasure chests and mobs level (40+)
• 2nd class buff scrolls are exchanged for 1st class buff scrolls at Alexandria and obtained from daily mission, souvenir box, Battle for Treasure Event, Show-off Event, Golden Treasure chests, Pona (untradeable item)
• Daily coins are exchanged for materials or bracelet of duty level (2-5) at Grand Master, High Priest, Head Blacksmith, High Prefect and Grand Magister (untradeable item)
• Mob markings includes: level, (A) agressive, (G) group attack
• Starter pack with helpful items inside to start the game
• Clan Advent (works when the clan leader is present in the game)
• Fishing system (acquired items cannot be sold in the shop)
• Golden Treasure Chest contains: 2nd class buff scroll (10% chance), 1 daily coin (10% chance), 1st class buff scroll (80% chance), clan reputation score - 150 (80% chance)
• Clan reputation score - 150 (disappears after 1 day) is obtained for vote coin (1), mark of battle (100), daily coin (20), fresh blue mackerel (20), blue mackerel (50), golden treasure chest (1)
• Temporal Talismans are not available in our server
• Seraphim the Unicorn, Feline Queen, Nighshade don't exist in our server
• Rune stones occur instead of special abilities in weapon
• 3rd class transfer Quests are disabled

Server commands

Blockade an experience


With this command you'll stop getting EXP from mobs

Change account password


With this command you are able to change password ingame

Community board panel

press alt+b

 With this command you can use Drop Search Calculator or Delevel your character

Mob checker

press shift+target

With this command you can check drop and spoil of each mob

World chat

use &

With this command you can write 50 messages in World chat + 20 more with Megaphone