NoAdvantage server
Frequently asked questions by players:

Q: Can you put full items in donation shop such as weapon, armor or jewellery?
A: No, we are not going to do this. Please check out information about it in Donations site.

Q: When subclass is possible to add to main class and what item is required?
A: Adding substack is possible at 40 level for free. Your character has to complete 2nd class transfer.

Q: Do we have to exp main class and subclass separetly?
A: Not at all, your subclass will be level 40 with completed 2nd class transfer. If you kill 1 monster, you will gain level 80 instantly. Basically when you add subclass at level 40, you will get skills from level 1 to 74 (auto-learned) but you have to learn skills of 3rd class manually from 76 to 80 for SP.

Q: Will the skin change from mystic to warrior while switching classes?
A: The skin will not change. If you start your game with mystic and then you choose warrior on your subclass, the skin remains unchanged in both cases.

Q: Are you going to increase limit of enchanting items?
A: No, it will never be implemented. You must know that we consider and respect all players. People are usually not satisfied with the game result when they come back after a long time break. We try to make equal and balance server with a good options for everyone.

Q: Is botting allowed?
A: No, botting is prohibited in our server. If you see someone doing it, report it to the game administrator.

Q: Is an account registration required to start the game?
A: No, an account is auto-created.

Q: What does "Own events" mean?
A: It means "Innovative ideas" prepared by us to keep you entertained. Check out information about it in Events site.

Q: How does bound pendant work?
A: There are two different type of pendants (Demonic and Angelic) divided into subgroups. Every player gets one untradeable item called "Book of the Damned" at the start. You can exchange this item at Pona for one of several pendants. Bound means that you cannot sell, trade nor destroy it.

Q: How does Angel of Death Talisman work?
A: Angel of Death Talisman guarantees you no loss exp upon the character's death. Additionally an item has a glow effect.

Q: How can we exchange Bound Pendants?
A: Find Pona Npc (close to luxury shop in Giran) and exchange your previous pendant with angel's grace or cursed core for new one. 

Q: How often are you going to restart the server?
A: Mainly once a week but it depends on circumstances.

Q: How many players accomodate your server?
A: Guessing is the worst possible solution. First of all we have to know how many players are willing to join us. It's hard to predict it and we're not going to guess.

Q: Will you add npc newbie buffer?
A: Yes, Newbie Guide (with basic buffs) will be available from level 6 to 40. There are also 1st and 2nd class buff scrolls available from donation and Daily Missions. This is Substack server so it's way easier to find buffer class.

Q: Is there any other currency than adena in your server?
A: There is shadow fairy dust. An item necessary to buy cosmetic items and consumables from donation. You cannot sell/buy/trade/delete it.

Q: Is there auto-picking drops?
A: Yes, it is (excluding Epic/Raid Bosses).

Q: What is a weight limit in inventory?
A: The weight limit will be increased double time.

Q: Is adena unlimited in our inventory? 
A: Yes, adena is unlimited.

Q: Is there any Raid Boss status?
A: No, camping raids is also part of the game.

Q: How can we contact with GM?
A: You can contact us via discord, facebook, e-mail or ingame.

Q: What exactly will be retail-like?
A: Items, droplist, mobs, locations, epics/rbs drops, spoiling, crafting, quests.

Q: How does "macro loop" work?
A: Macro loop allows you to repeat commands/actions over and over. It helps you kill monsters even in afk mode.

Q: What is maximum equipment for classic version 2.0?
A: A grade items.

Q: What is maximum level for classic version 2.0?
A: 80 level.

Q: It will be a seasonal server?
A: No, we will never allow for it. There will be only one connected server. As we mentioned many times, we don't like sad politics of many developers.

Q: Do totems work with frenzy?
A: Totems work with every weapon and also with frenzy.

Q: Does heavy armor from one class stack with heavy armor (passive) from another class?
A: They doesn't stack if "heavy passive" from one class is exactly the same as "heavy passive" from 2nd class (fe.: pal/da or sws/tk). Some classes have different "heavy passives" (with other bonuses), they will stack.

Q: What do we get in return for playing on your server?
A: You will have a good, stable, equal and playable server with the same chance for everyone. This is very important to us. That's why it calls NoAdvantage = no domination, no corruption, no pay to win, no exaggerated items.

Q: What does "No gm help" mean?
A: It means we will not interfere with your game. You are responsible to get all items on your own way. We will only watch your actions while we are on-line in the game.

Q: What is "attendance reward"?
A: Attendance reward is an additional prize for logging into the game. You can purchase reward after 1 min of your playing. How does it work? When you take a reward in a given day, you will receive the award in the next day. The best prize is at the end of each week cycle. If you miss one day, you will lose last day of a current week. If you miss two days, you will lose 2 last days of a current week reward and so on. Check out information about it in Attendance Reward site.